Why work with bfam ?

Because we stand for so much more than our two owning members with a combined 50+ years of construction experience. We stand for more than our employees that seem to be some of the most talented, hardworking and fast individuals in their fields. We stand for values that mean you will be treated as family.

we are fast.

We have fine tuned our systems and staff synergy to not only provide you with the best quality and budget friendly construction experience but also to complete your project at speeds our competitors can't match.

Our History

Why we started bfam builders llc

After their many years in the industry, Joshua and Chad noticed something missing. They felt a need to emphasize building relationships with their Clients, Employees, and Subcontractors, to make each feel part of something bigger, a family if you will. Joshua and Chad are both dedicated family men bring that dynamic to BFAM. The name chosen for the new business is an intentional reminder of that essential mission… to Be FAMily.

how we have grown

We defined our Mission and set Guiding Principles to shape our company and to ensure its character and integrity would remain honorable and constant. As we continue to grow and add to our team we are mindful that every individual should possess personal integrity and be equally committed to upholding those values.